Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation

Irving I. Moskowitz

"Set your priorities in life and faithfully follow them, always observing and reassessing your path." Dr. Irving Moskowitz's lifetime of accomplishments is a testament to his adherence to this doctrine.

Who is Irving I. Moskowitz?

  • He is the 9th of 13 children
  • Born in 1928 in New York City
  • He's of Polish heritage
  • Loves Baseball - played as a youth and was offered a contract by both Chicago and Cleveland professional teams
  • Became a Physician
  • Graduated from University of Wisconsin - Phi Beta Sigma - Bachelor's in Medical Science
  • Turned into an entrepreneur by building and managing hospitals
  • 1968 started The Moskowitz Foudation
  • 1988 The Bingo Club in Hawaiian Gardens was opened - a non-profit organization to help the community
  • 1995 Opens the Hawaiian Gardens Food Bank
  • Married to Cherna for 60+ years, together they have 8 children, 42 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren