Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation

Irving Moskowitz and Cherna Moskowitz give back to Hawaiian Gardens

The Irving Moskowitz Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of lives of as many people as possible.  Established by Dr. Irving Moskowitz, the Foundation’s humanitarian mission is to help those in need. Dedicated to serving others, the Irving Moskowitz Foundation has been a strong supporter of many charitable organizations sharing the same philosophy.  For over ten years, Dr. Irving Moskowitz and wife and Foundation President Cherna Moskowitz have made monetary contributions in the millions to various charitable causes that help enrich the lives of the disadvantaged.  One of the Foundations primary recipients is the City of Hawaiian Gardens and its local non-profits in that provide services to low-income families residing in that city. Founder of the Irving Moskowitz Foundation, philanthropist Dr. Irving Moskowitz has found the City of Hawaiian Gardens to be a special community where he and his organization can carry out their mission. 
The city of Hawaiian Gardens was incorporated in April 1964.   Considered one of the smallest cities in the County of Los Angeles, the city is home to over 14,000 residents in nine tenths of a square mile with and estimated median household income in 2009 $46,156 and a median per capita income below $30,000. Although the city has had a long history of struggles with gang violence and social and economical challenges, the city has made long strides.  A city that once suffered budgetary challenges and was forced to close its door is now a growing city that has managed to get back on its feet and open the door to as many residents that it serves.  The city adopted the motto: “Our Youth Our Future,” placing an emphasis on the importance of raising strong leaders that in the future could potentially be the future Mayors and Public Administrators of the city.   An advocate for youth, founder of the Irving Moskowitz Foundation, Dr. Irving Moskowitz quickly realized that the youth of Hawaiian Gardens could benefit from assistance.  For the past 10 years, Dr. Moskowitz along with wife Cherna Moskowitz and their Foundation have been devoted to support the youth of the city and have partnered with the city and local organizations to provide educational, recreational, athletic, and an array of social services.
So far in 2013, the Irving Moskowitz Foundation has made the following contributions: 

The Head Start program at the Helen Rosas Center received a generous contribution of $5,000 to help with educational materials and classroom supplies.  Serving a great portion of the city’s population, this Pre-K institution offers an array of services for both the students and parents making it one of the most popular programs in town.  Due to their strong commitment to the community and high success, the Irving Moskowitz Foundation is a proud supporter of this program.
The Hawaiian Gardens Little League Program is one of the strongest youth baseball and softball organizations in the Hawaiian Gardens community.  It offers athletic opportunities at low cost to children ages 4-16.  A baseball aficionado himself, Dr. Irving Moskowitz is a strong supporter of the Little League Program.  The Foundation made a generous contribution of $20,000 that will help the organization purchase baseball equipment, tournament fees,
The Hawaiian Gardens Eagles Soccer Club is another strong community group offering not only soccer skills out on the field, but also lifelong skills to the city’s youth.  Both Dr. Irving Moskowitz and Cherna Moskowitz have committed financial support to this soccer organization because of the many success stories from former soccer players who participated in the program.  The Moskowitz believe in the Eagles Soccer Club’s mission: to provide the youth with athletic opportunities; going beyond the field and using the sport as a motivator to encourage its players to pursue higher education; and to give back to the community through community service. The Irving Moskowitz Foundation generously donated $10,000 to be utilized by the organization to fund equipment purchase, tournament fees, etc.
The Irving Moskowitz Foundation is also a proud sponsor of the Hawaiian Gardens Pop Warner.  The Foundation recently made a generous donation in the amount of $5,000 to help with tournament expenses.
From January 2013 to July 2013, the Irving Moskowitz Foundation has donated over $40,000 to non-profits serving the Hawaiian Gardens community.  The Foundation is proud to be a partner with the different organizations working together for a brighter and better future for the Hawaiian Gardens  community. Follow on Facebook Cherna Moskowitz

Irving Moskowitz Foundation Donates $100,000 to Help Tornado Victims in Oklahoma

Irving Moskowitz

The Irving Moskowitz Foundation immediately contacted the Greater Long Beach American Red Cross after hearing about the devastating tornado that destroyed the City of Monroe, Oklahoma on May 20, 2013.  Without hesitation the Irving Moskowitz Foundation wrote a check to the American Red Cross in the amount of $100,000 for the Oklahoma Tornado Relief Effort.  The American Red Cross mentioned that this has been one of the most generous contributions received.  The funding will help provide aid to all those affected by the tornado and prevent further human suffering.   President of the foundation, Cherna Moskowitz felt compelled to contribute to those affected by this tragedy.  She stated: “It is during these difficult times that we need to come together and help all those affected by this natural disaster and help alleviate human suffering.”   The Irving Moskowitz Foundation has now donated more than $1 million dollars to the American Red Cross from various relief efforts over the past years.    

Founder of the Irving Moskowitz Foundation, Dr. Irving Moskowitz and wife Cherna Moskowitz have dedicated their lives to humanitarian work throughout the world.  Based on the principle of helping those in need and spreading the message that:  'He who has saved one life, it is as if he has saved the world,' the Foundation has made numerous donations that are a testament to the foundation’s commitment to touching as many lives as possible.  One of the Foundation’s major beneficiaries is the City of Hawaiian Gardens, CA.  The Irving Moskowitz Foundation has contributed millions of dollars for capital improvement projects and a variety of social, educational, and recreational programs and services. 
The Irving Moskowitz foundation is committed to making a difference in people’s life regardless of race, religion, or politics.


The Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation donates $100,000 to The American Red Cross – Japan Relief Fund

The Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation donates $100,000 to The
American Red Cross – Japan Relief Fund

The Personal Background of Irving Moskowitz in Irving Moskowitz Wikipedia

When you would like to know who Irving Moskowitz is, then you can see Irving Moskowitz Wikipedia. You will be able to know some details about his life and what he is known for. Irving Moskowitz Wikipedia provides information about his personal life. He was born by Jewish immigrants from Poland who settled in New York City and it was there that Dr. Irving Moskowitz was born. However, they moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin years after and it was where he studied to finish a medical degree. In 1949, he graduated from University of Wisconsin and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Science. Four years after, he moved to Long Beach and practiced his profession. However, he didn’t just work as a physician as he established various businesses that generated him lots of money to fun his philanthropic calling. He initiated the Moskowitz Foundation in 1968 which help many communities and children that needed education. His foundation also supported the Bingo Club situated in the City of Hawaiian Gardens.

The Hawaiian Gardens Bingo Club is managed by Cherna Moskowitz, Irving’s wife. She acted as the president and chair of many other organizations around California. Both Irving and Cherna Moskowitz have been very active in helping people in times of crises and whenever they need to. The Moskowitz Foundation also supported the Food Bank in Hawaiian Gardens and it is providing groceries and vouchers to not less than a thousand families which accounts to over 5,500 individuals. They were given juice, bread, grains, yogurts and others. No needy person was turned down when he or she would visit the Food Bank. Know more about Irving Moskowitz on the Irving Moskowitz Wikipedia.


The Irving Moskowitz Foundation and Its Goals

The Irving Moskowitz foundation recognizes the value of helping minimize suffering if ever there are crises that arise in the world. With the different relief efforts, the foundation is happy to support and contribute. The Irving Moskowitz Foundation has provided support to the devastations in Central America caused by hurricane Mitch in 1998. It also aided in providing relief Kosovo crisis in 1999, the earthquake in Turkey in 1999 and the tragedy that occurred in NYC when the New York State World Trade Center collapsed. There was also a big donation given to the American Red Cross for helping provide relief to those who were affected in the 2003 wild fires in California and also the Tsunami disaster which hit Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand and India in the year 2004. Moreover, it helped the victims of the hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and New Orleans in 2005.

The Irving Moskowitz foundation has been of great help to different places of the world. It continues to pursue its goals to help others in times of crises. The foundation continues to enrich the people’s lives. Dr. Moskowitz unselfishly started the foundation in the year 1968 and has been generous to people from different race, religion, creed or politics. There are many other organizations that benefits from the charitable support provided by the said foundation. Dr. Irving Moskowitz helps with cultural, religious, educational and emergency services. It is always proud and happy to be able to support other people that have been experiencing difficulties because of crises.